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Photography is such a broad topic that beginners to professionals need some guidance every once in a while. This is a collection of photography guides, tips, and resources to help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Whether you are just starting with photography or have been doing it for years, there’s always something more to learn. Some of you may be self-taught or maybe you’ve done some classes or training.

The main intent of these blog posts is to share the information I’ve learned along the way. As I spend time learning about these various subjects and ‘focusing’ a lot of time and effort to really understand the details, I wanted to make it easier for you to understand the ins and outs.

For me, I started out with a photography class back in middle school. This was before the days of DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras, so we’re talking about film and the red glow of the dark room. 

There was a lot I learned, and then subsequently forgot.

Although I can clearly remember wandering through my house and yard looking for interesting things to shoot. Then looking at things from all different angles to figure out what looked best to me. Only to find out days later what the results were as the black and white image slowly came to life in the developing solution.

It was a process, and a fun one at that.

Now there is more instant gratification and feedback with the digital cameras of today, but there’s still a process to it that I love. What happens when I turn this dial, or lower this setting? How about if I slow down the shutter speed or open up my aperture?

Today’s digital camera technology is great for the tinkerer like myself. It allows me to figure out on the fly what works best for what I’m trying to capture.

The basics and core of photography techniques and knowledge still apply, but they are now layered with a lens of technology that can both help and complicate the process. Unless you understand them.

So whether it’s photography 101, the camera, the lenses, or the camera gear, we hope to help make it all clearer for you. 

From our Photography and Gear Guides and Resources to our Camera Spec Reviews and Best Lens posts, our goal is to give you the best information possible. All in a way that is easy to understand and translate into your everyday use.

Be sure to check out our latest posts too!

Remember we are hear to help. Since we can’t cover every angle and aspect of photography we offer free guidance specific to your questions and situation. 

So don’t spend hours searching, feel free to just ask us!

Guides, Tips & Resources

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